# Wednesday, 17 June 2009

This week we are please to bring you an interview with Derik Whittaker.  Derik talks with us about the SOLID principles and other coding practices.

Show notes

Dimecasts – Derik (and his friends) series of screencasts
Three of Derik’s favorite tools: Resharper, Reflector and SQL Prompt
Scott Hanselman’s interview with Uncle Bob on SOLID
Uncle Bob on Stackoverflow Podcast (including apology)
Original Whitepaper on SOILD
Ted Patison’s Programming Distributed Applications With Com & Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
Microsoft Research Code Contracts
IOC Containers: StructureMap, Ninject, Spring.NET and Unity

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The show was updated after publishing due to a problem with the show notes.  Uncle’s Bob’s PDF of his original whitepaper was the original link (now a link to a blog article).  The PDF was incorrectly picked up instead of the audio file.  Sorry for any problems this caused.

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