# Monday, November 10, 2008

In this episode we talk with Matt Hester and Matt Heller about how developers and IT Pros should be preparing for the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 8.

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IE Team Blog
MSDN Developer Center on IE
TechnetCenter on IE 8

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Sunday, November 16, 2008 4:42:04 AM UTC
Sup Larry, great episode on IE.

Just wanted to give u a heads up on a tool my group worked on with the IE8 team to help developers with the tagging process for IE8 Compatibility. As Matt mentioned in the interview IE8 supports 2 rendering engines, the IE7 and the full standard compliant IE8 one.

Aggiorno Express is a free tool where developers will be able to select their source directory for their websites and a output directory; the extension of files you want aggiorno to look for and tag and the type of flag you want ur sites to be associated with (this comes handy for intranet applications that want to take advantage of full standards and for internet applications that were design with IE7 or 6 in mind and hence want the compatibility mode to be their default rendering).

This small application is also supported thru the command line, making it easy to execute in batch.

This tool can be found within the msdn ie8 compatibitility page or right from aggiorno's website

Thought it might help!

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