# Friday, March 28, 2008

This week we interviewed Jeff Webber who created the Farseer Physics Engine, which is a 2D Physics engine originally written for XNA, but was ported to support Silverlight with help from Bill Reiss of Blue Rose Games.  You can check out some samples written on Silverlight 2.  Jeff is using the physics engine to create some cool games, which you can check out at Farseer Games.  You can follow Jeff at the Farseer Games Blog.

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Larry's Pick: Zune Insider

Dave's Pick: XNA Team Blog

Dave's Bonus Pick: Games on your Zune!?! What? How? When? by Laura Foy from Channel 10

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# Saturday, March 22, 2008

This week we interviewed Kevin Farner of Gomoll Research and Design about ways that designers and developers can work better together.  You can follow Kevin at the Gomoll Blog.

Books to learn more about design (Courtesy of Kevin)

Paper Prototyping

Designing web navigation

Designing Interfaces

Communicating Design

Don't make me think

About Face

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Blogs you should know

Larry's Pick: Creating Passionate Users (archive) by Kathy Sierra

Dave's Pick: iRhetoric by Karsten Januszewski

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# Friday, March 14, 2008

This week's interview was recorded on location at MIX 08.  We talk with Adam Kinney (aka the Silverlight Surfer), who is the technical evangelist for Silverlight.

This week we were joined in studio by our fellow evangelist, Beth Humphreys (aka Server Girl).  She is an Infrastructure Architect Evangelist who spends her days (and many nights) making servers safe for developers and architects.

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Blogs you should know

Larry's Pick: Guy Kawaski on how to change the world

Dave's Pick: Sessions site from Mix Conference

Beth's Pick: IdentityBlog by Kim Cameron

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