# Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Show 100! After 3 years and some change we finally hit Show #100. In this episode, Larry comes back and joins Dave and Clark for the meta of all meta episodes. We take a look back at shows of the past, plan ahead for MIX and talk about innovation in the industry and what developers should do to keep up.

Show Notes

The Thirsty Developer 6: Project Euler - The first recorded (but not published) show

The Thirsty Developer 16: Dev-igners and Des-elopers w/Kevin Farner

The Thirsty Developer 25: The one with Joe Stagner

The Thirsty Developer 29: The iPhone Edition

The Thirsty Developer 38: Anthony Handley

The Thirsty Developer 61: I got nothing!

The Thirsty Developer 64: More on Powershell

The Thirsty Developer 66: HAML with a side of SASS

The Thirsty Developer 80: Meeting the New Guy, Clark Sell

The Thirsty Developer 88: Coding 4 Fun with Clint Rutkas

Twitter: @davebost, @csell5, @larryclarkin, @thirstyd

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# Monday, February 28, 2011

After yet ANOTHER hiatus (holidays + work = no podcasts) and an operator FAIL on Dave’s part, Dave and Clark are back to discuss WebMatrix, Razor (the syntax) and NuGet. Also, Clark let’s us in on his upcoming travel schedule and Dave fetches the beer while he leaves Clark to his own devices. A little spoiler, it didn’t go well.

Show Notes


Clark’s Web Camp Tour

Web Camps TV

Microsoft's Web Camps

Blog: Introducing “Razor” – a new view engine in ASP.NET (http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu)

Blog: NuGet 1.1 Released! (http://haacked.com)

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# Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We're Back! After a little hiatus, Dave and Clark are back with special guest, Anthony Handley. In this episode we discuss how Silverlight is NOT dead, designing a lemonade stand, building a Windows Phone 7 app and did we mention… Silverlight is NOT dead.

Guest: Anthony Handley is the User Experience Practice Lead at Magenic. His focus is to create great digital experiences for the desktop and the web. With over 16 years working in interactive design and creative direction, he leads Magenic’s ux design team

Show Notes


Adam Kinney

Building a Lemonade Stand in Expression Blend

GuestList WP7 app

Silverlight Firestarter event on Dec. 2nd


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