# Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In this episode we talk with our pal Server Girl (Beth Humphreys) about Hyper-V the new virtualization technology included in Windows Server 2008.  Beth gives us a great overview of the technology and we chat about how developers can use Hyper-V technology to create a great developer rig.

Second Life Heroes Happen Here Launch

Before we jumped into the interview Dave spends some time talking about this last weekend's Heroes Happen Here launch event in Second Life (the 3D Virtual World).  The event was put on by the Second Life .NET Users Group and coordinated by our fellow Evangelist Zain Naboulsi.  You can read Zain's blog post on the event and check out some photos.


Show Links

Hyper-V information (includes link to download RC0 or latest released version): http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2008/en/us/virtualization-consolidation.aspx

Hyper-V management tools for Windows Vista: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949758

Currently tested guest OSes: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2008/en/us/hyperv-faq.aspx

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Dave's Pick: Ben Armstrong's Virtual PC Guy

Larry's Pick: Paul Thurrott's Win Super Site


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# Friday, April 18, 2008

In this episode, Dave and Larry sit down with Richard Campbell at the recent Deeper in .NET conference held in Milwaukee, WI. Richard is Product Evangelist for Strangeloop Networks and is co-host of .NET Rocks and RunAs Radio. Richard shares with us his insights on how to build scalable web applications.

Also, Dave and Larry announced the upcoming Visual Studio 2008 virtual launch in Second Life on April 26th, 2008, 9:00am - 4:00 PST. Zain Naboulsi has all of the details.


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Larry's Pick: Damon Payne: Hand Waving Software Architect

Dave's Pick: LifeHacker.com

Dave's Software Pick: FeedDemon

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# Monday, April 7, 2008

This week Dave Interviewed Jeff Atwood author of the Coding Horror blog during the recent Microsoft Technology Summit.  Larry and Dave also spend some time talking about their favorite geek movies.

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Blogs you should know

Larry's Pick: Jeff Brand's Slickthought.net 

Dave's Pick: Tim Heuer's Method ~ of Object ~ Failed

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