# Monday, January 26, 2009

This week is an interview with Steve Holstad about a front end for Twitter that he created with Silverlight 2.

Show Notes

Twitterlight web site
Steve’s Twitter Handle
Coding for fun article on Twitterlight (with code)

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# Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This week is an interview with Damon Payne about creating a design surface in Silverlight 2.

Program Notes

The Thirsty Developer website was done for about 24 hours.  Sorry for any problems that is caused and thanks to the folks who pointed it out to us.

Dave Bost is on temporary assignment in Redmond, WA.  He ha promised us a couple of interviews while he is up there.  Follow his adventures at http://davebost.com.

Show Notes

Klipsch Corner - Damon's Klipsch fan site
AGT Sample Site
AGT CodePlex Site 

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# Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This week is an interview with Pete Prodoehl (AKA Raster) about Microformats.  Before we dive into the topic Larry and Pete talk about his music, Creative Commons and the fact that he has been blogging for more than 11 years. 

Show Notes

Backing In (full cut) - The Thirsty Developer Intro Song
Large Deposits (full cut) - The Thirsty Developer Exit Song
Pete's RPM Album "SnowBound" from 2008
Pete's Flickr Account (all under Creative Commons)
Web414 - a Milwaukee based Web User Group
Bucketworks - The World's First Health Club for the Brain
Dave Winer's Blog - Scripting News
Firefox Microformats Extensions
Oomph - A Microformats Toolkit (codeplex site)


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