• Episode #67 Open Spaces and unmeetings

    This week we are pleased to bring you an interview with Doc List. We talk with Doc about Open Spaces and applying those principles to the corporate environment.
  • Episode #15 Silverlight 2

    This week’s interview was recorded on location at MIX 08. We talk with Adam Kinney (aka the Silverlight Surfer), who is the technical evangelist for Silverlight. This week we were joined in studio by our fellow evangelist, Beth Humphreys (aka Server Girl). She is an Infrastructure Architect Evangelist who spends...
  • Episode #14 SCRUM

    This week we talk with Ed Chaltry, the CTO of Centare Group and a Certified ScrumMaster about SCRUM, which is an Agile process that can be used to manage and control complex software and product development using iterative, incremental practices.
  • Episode #13 Drewby on IIS

    This week we talk with Drew Robbins, the technical evangelist for IIS7 about some of the great new features of IIS, which released in late 2006 on Windows Vista and is also included in Windows Server 2008.
  • Episode #12 Screwjumping

    This week we talk with Ben and Norb from Frozen Code Base, a game development studio based out of Green Bay, WI. They have released their first title ScrewJumper on XBOX Live Arcade and have a second title coming out soon. Ben is the founder of the company and Norb...

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