• Episope #59 jQuery

    This week we have an interview an interview with Brennan Stehling a developer and author from Milwaukee, WI.  Brennan and Larry talk about jQuery.  Brennan blogs at After the interview Larry talks about with Dave about his finishing up on his special assignment in Redmond.  Larry then asks Dave...
  • Episode #58 Applying SOA

    This week we have an interview with Chris Deweese, a software architect with REJIS about how they have applied SOA concepts and technology.  Chris also discusses some of the issues that they have had with SOA.  Our guest host this week is Clint Edmondson, an architect evangelist based out of...
  • Episode #57 WPF and Stream Oriented Computing

    The Thirsty Developer 57: WPF and Stream Oriented Computing This week we talk with Mike Browne, an MVP on Windows Client Technologies about Windows Presentation Foundation. We also spend some time talking about Stream Oriented Computing and  a WPF application that he built called flow.
  • Episode #56 Quick Basic Gorillas

    This week we talk about the future of managed languages with Mark Strawmyer, a Microsoft MVP in the C# language.  Before we dive into the future of languages, Mark and Larry talk about the past, including a trip down memory lane to discuss Visual Basic with and without line numbers. ...
  • Episode #55 RESTifarian

    This week we talk about REST (Representational state transfer) style web services with Dan Rigsby, a Microsoft MVP specializing in connected systems (WCF and related technologies).

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