• Episode #49 Silverlight + Twitter

    This week is an interview with Steve Holstad about a front end for Twitter that he created with Silverlight 2.
  • Episode #48 Argentum Tella

    This week is an interview with Damon Payne about creating a design surface in Silverlight 2.
  • Episode #47 Microformats

    This week is an interview with Pete Prodoehl (AKA Raster) about Microformats. Before we dive into the topic Larry and Pete talk about his music, Creative Commons and the fact that he has been blogging for more than 11 years.
  • Episode #46 Use Cases

    This week is an interview with Matt Terski, the President and co-founder of Serlio Software, a company that creates Case Complete.   Matt and Larry talk about Use Cases and how they fit into the software development life cycle. You can follow Matt at the Use Case blog.
  • Episode #45 Visual Studio 2010

    This week is an interview with Mario Rodriguez, a program manager on Team Foundation Server about some of the cool new features in Visual Studio Team System 2010.  Angela Binkowski was our special co-host for this episode while Dave Bost is on special assignment in Redmond, WA.

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